Your First React App Using Devcubbies and SSH

Cloud IDEs and sandboxes are awesome for quick collaboration and code sharing. What if there was a way to use the advantages of the cloud for full-time development environments?

In this video, we’ll set up our very own remote development environment and use it, along with SSH and vim, to create a simple React app. We’re using Devcubbies in the video (it is our product, after all), but you can apply these same concepts and methods to getting running using an AWS EC2 instance, Docker on Digital Ocean, Azure VM, Kubernetes Cluster, or that server farm in your estranged brother’s basement.

Into VS Code? Check out our other video that uses VS Code instead of plain ol’ SSH and vim:
Your First React App Using Devcubbies and VS Code

Still not convinced?

Scroll through to get the specifics you need, contact us through the website or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. When you’re ready, just get started. You can spin up your very own cloud native development environment with Devcubbies, in minutes.

Screenshot - Devcubbies is connected over SSH